UAPMCC: University of Asia Pacific Moot Court Club

UAP Moot Court Club is a forum that helps students of law to learn the art of mooting, researching and advocacy skills and internalizing the spirit of layering, since from 2015. It envisions the making of such legal minds that with the utmost sense of ethics, morality and justice will thrive in every sphere of legal arena. Legal training requires the capacity to assess the facts rationally and objectively, apply relevant principles of law and legislation and bring out reasons and arguments to justify one’s stand. We believe that real life situations of legal arena can be known only when the students equip themselves fully with the practical knowledge of law. Legal education through class room learning and moot court participation stimulates the learning zeal of students.

Activities conducted by UAPMCC

  • Workshop: UAPMCC regularly held Workshops and Competition with a view to help the mooters to get prepared for upcoming national and international moot court competitions.
  • Seminar: All the mooting enthusiasts gain valuable experience through an academic exercise of examine a hypothetical case for a mock judicial proceeding.
  • Club Fair: Active participation of the said club purported to spread the aspiration of mooting articulation.
  • Free session: Practicing the mock session, fact analysis, group discussion, call for audition, active committee meeting.
  • Inter semester Moot Court Competition: Grand event for the UAP – Law students, held in every “spring “(semester).
  • Domestic & International level of competition: Team has been selected & prepared by the veteran moderator & advisors from the respective department. Skilled mooting squads are comprised with a bunch of adept counsels on the basis of their efficiency for taking part in all such competitions.



Big Events took place on 2021

The UAP Law has successfully participated in the Global Rounds of the Philip C. Jessup International Law Moot Court

The Jessup Global Rounds was held online from 9 March to 17th April 2021. The UAP team was represented by Shushil Kabir Miazi, Fatema Alam Oishy, Parisha Afrin Purna, and Ananya Mahbub Sanchita from the Department of Law and Human Rights. This year, the team has directly participated in the Global rounds of the competition. The team UAP Law is one of the representatives from Bangladesh in this international platform. The team has successfully competed against teams from Australia, India, China, Japan, and Slovenia. ‘Jessup is the world’s largest moot court competition, with participants from roughly 700 law schools in 100 countries and jurisdictions’. The competition is organized by The International Law Students Association (ILSA).


The UAP Law secured 8th position at the Vertex Chambers – LCLS South National Moot Court Competition 2021



The Vertex Chambers – LCLS South organized a National Moot Court Competition 2021 from 2-5 March 2021 (Online) on tort law. Protyasha Ahmed Mim, Arefin Akash, and Nazmul Hossain Sefat represented the Department of Law and Human Rights, UAP, in this competition. The team secured 8th position among 17 participating teams.


The Team UAP Law participated in the K.K. Luthra Memorial Moot Court, 2021

17th K.K. Luthra Memorial Moot Court, 2021 was held online from 12-15 January 2021 on criminal law. The competition was organized by the Faculty of Law, University of Delhi, India. A team consists of Khadiza Akter Sukhi, Fahim Ahmed, and Saaif Rasul from the Department of Law and Human Rights, University of Asia Pacific (UAP), participated in the competition. This team qualified as one of the top 59 teams from the memorial round. Later, the team participated in the global rounds.



Big Events took place on 2020

4th Bangladesh National Round of Jessup Moot Court Competition (06 – 08 February, 2020)



Big Events took place on 2019

3rd Intra Department Moot Court Competition, 2019


Big Events took place on 2018

2nd Philip C Jessup International Law Moot Court Competition 2018 – Bangladesh national round

The Philip C. Jessup International Law Moot Court Competition is the oldest and largest international moot competition in the world, attracting participants from almost 700 law schools in more than 90 countries in recent years. The competition has been described as the most prestigious moot court competition in the world by a large number of organizations and universities internationally, and is one of the grand slam or major moots. It is the 59th edition of Jessup Moot Court Competition and for the second time Bangladesh is participating in the globally renowned law students’ event. A number of 18 teams competed against each other in the national round and 25 teams from all over the country took part in it from February 8 – 10, 2018 at IUB campus in Bashundhara, Dhaka.

Team UAP Law and Human Rights has achieved the honor of being the “Best New Team” of the 2nd National Philip C. Jessup International Law Moot Court Competition, Bangladesh qualifying Round 2018. Among the 18 teams, our team (Jarin Tasnim, Morsalin Hider Ashik & Tasnim Kazi Tanzi) has ranked as the fourth team in the preliminary rounds as well as our memorial secured the 5th position. Moreover our team made to the quarter final rounds and which is considered as the great achievement & startup for the UAP – Law even our mooters lighten up the reputation of UAPMCC.

Judges, eminent lawyers, international delegates, and faculty members, dignitaries of the society and full-house students were present during the Closing Ceremony of the International Law Moot Court Competition.

2nd Inter semester moot court competition 2018 held at UAP

University of Asia Pacific Moot Court Club (UAPMCC) organized the 2nd Inter Semester Moot Court Completion on the issues of International Humanitarian Law (IHL) for the students of Department of Law and Human Rights, University of Asia Pacific (UAP), on May 11 and 12, 2018. A total of 10 teams of the department participated in the Competition. Former Mooters from different universities currently serving at academia and as practitioners were the adjudicators at the competition. 

Team comprised with Forhad Hossain, Joy Das and Mahfuj Hasan became the champion and the team comprised with S. M. Morsalin Hider, Hasib Ahmed and Protysh Ahmed Mim became the runners-up in the competition. S. M. Morsalin Hider emerged as the Best Mooter while Mahfuj Hasan as the Best Researcher. The Best Memorial award went to the champion team


Mr. Manur Al Matin, Advocate at the Supreme Court of Bangladesh, Mr. Mubrook Mohmmad, Consultant at US Embassy, Ms. Arpeeta Shams Mizan, Lecturer in Law, University of Dhaka, and Mr. Nuran Choudhury, National Administrator of Jessup International Moot Court Competition, were adjudicators in the final round. Mr. Salahuddin Ahmed, former Attorney General for Bangladesh and currently the Director of School of Law, UAP, was the Chief Guest at the closing ceremony. The guests and other speakers focused on the importance of practical experiences like Mooting in legal education, and applauded the performance and enthusiasm of the young Mooters on a complex issue of Int. Humanitarian Law.

TIB Moot Photos

 Best Mooter Award

Date: 12 to 14 July 2018