UAP Law Photography Club Holds Prize Giving Ceremony of Inter-Department Photo Exhibition 2021

The UAP Law Photography Club is a vibrant club at the University of Asia Pacific. However, even throughout this coronal period, the club’s activities continued to run well. Every semester, a large number of new members join the group. Photography is one of the most creative hobbies one can engage in since it allows one to express individuality. The UAP Law Photography Club is dedicated to redefining that creativity. The club was officially founded on October 24, 2019. This group is dedicated to assisting students in developing their creative abilities via a variety of activities.

Additionally, during this coronal period, the Inter-Department Photo Exhibition-2021 was held by the UAP Law Photography Club. UAPLPC has received more than 300 students from various departments (Law, Pharmacy, Civil, CSE, EEE, English, Architecture, BBA, EMBA, LLM) participated by submitting 310 photos on their initiative.   A large number of students from eight different departments took part in the event.

On October 10, the University of Asia Pacific Law Photography Club held the first-ever ‘Inter Departmental Photo Exhibition-2021’ in collaboration with eight university departments, in which 310 participants competed.

In the conduct of the exhibition Prito Reza, Sudeepto Salam and Sazzad Hossain was the judge for the Inter-Department Photo Exhibition-2021. Prito Reza, the founder of Wedding Dairy and Prito Reza Productions, concluded the judicial proceedings. Aside from that, he was also the inspiration for the concepts of Good Will Ambassador, Action Aid, and Darkroom, the first and only photography program shown on Bangladesh’s satellite television, which he currently hosts.

Sudipta Salam, a content producer and photographer with years of expertise, was also present.

A young photojournalist in Bangladesh, Sazzad Hossain, was the judge for the exhibition. He is employed as a staff photojournalist for the Bangla Tribune, an online news publication. He was just awarded the Press Council Award-2021.