Photography Club Activities


Club activity’ of Photography Club

Photography club is one of the most active clubs in Department of Law and Human Rights, UAP. During this semester, there are lots of new members joined into this club. Uap Law Photography Club has declared their first official committee on 23 October 2019. Photography is one of the finest hobby by which one can exhibits his/her creativity. This club helps students to show their talent and ingenuity.

 Club Activities:

The photography club always tries to bring out Photography talents from L&HR, UAP to its best output. The club was active throughout the year even in the lockdown. 

Fall- 2020

On April 4-8, 2021, the UAP Law Photography Club (UAPLPC) held have organized photography workshop on ‘Workshop on Basic Introduction,’ “Street Photography,” “Mobile Photography,” for participants who want to learn more about photography. Everything about the event is conducted by the Brac University Art & Photography Society (BUAPS), the East-West University Photography Club (EWUPC), and the United International University Photography Club (UIUPC) (UIUPC).

Virtual Workshop on Basic Photography

4 April 2021: (Workshop on Basic Photography)
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Virtual Workshop on Street Photography



6 April 2021: (Workshop on Street Photography)

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Virtual Workshop on Mobile Photography

8 April 2021: (Workshop on Mobile Photography)

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  • 30 March 2021: 

UAP Law Photography Club (UAPLPC) originally arranged the Photo Adda (Season 1, Episode 2) event on March 30th, 2021, at 6 PM. The UAP Law Photography Club (UAPLPC) announced the Constitution of their Club during their formal inauguration.

  • 8 February 2021: 

To make an extra effort to connect with and entertain the students of UAP and L&HR’s undergraduates, the UAP Law Photography Club has put together videos for our freshers and the rest of the student body. This proposal has been implemented with the help of Ms. Nazia Wahab, the club convener. 

Video link: 

For all the participants who participated in our Exhibition Virtual Photo Exhibition- 2020, the Certificate Giving Ceremony ‘Certificate Giving Ceremony -2020’ was set up by Uap Law Photography Club (UAPLPC).

A distinguished Special Guest attended the ceremony on behalf of the honorable Former Head of the Department, MD. Asaduzzaman sir.

Spring- 2020

  • August 2020-

On 17 August 2020, for joining the club, Uap Law Photography Club announced ‘call for membership’.  

  • July 2020-

The virtual photo exhibition Spring-2020’s result was published on 1st June, 2020. This event also received a number of photographs from the participants. This was another successful event by the club.

The new committee for this semester was declared on 26th July.


  • June 2020-

After getting the success of the first virtual photo contest, club a decided to arrange a virtual photo exhibition spring-2020. The theme of the exhibition was “our beloved campus”. Since, club’s aim was to provide an introduction of our campus to the fresher’s. Therefore, on 28th June, 2020, the virtual photo exhibition Spring-2020 was organized by the club.

May 2020-

  • On 24 May 2020, ‘Virtual Photo Contest-2020’ was arranged and organized by Uap Law Photography Club. The result was published by selecting some best pictures from them. This event was one of the successful events. Hence, got lot of attention from the audiences.