Dr. Chowdhury Ishrak Ahmed Siddiky

Selected Publications

♦ Articles:

♦ The Caspian Energy Scenario and the Pipelines of former Soviet Union. OGEL, 2008

♦ The Caspian Energy Scenario and its Pipelines: Amalgamation of Interests? International Energy Law Review (IELR), 2009.

♦ The Energy and Transportation Policy of Kazakhstan. How wise is it? OGEL, March, 2010.

♦ Towards a New Framework for Cross-border Pipelines: An International Pipeline Agency? The China and Eurasia Forum Quarterly, vol 8, no.2, 2010.

♦ The Failure of ECT in resolving Cross-Border Pipeline Problems: Towards a New Framework for Cross-border Pipelines – The International Pipeline Agency (IPA) Energy Policy, August 2011.

♦ Co-editor of OGEL special issue on Cross-border Pipelines, OGEL, 2011 at www.ogel.org.

♦ Cross-border Pipelines and Cross- Border Waterways: a comparison between the two legal regimes, The journal of World Energy Law and Business, Oxford University Press, 2013

♦ The International Legal Instruments for Cross-border Pipelines (chapter in a book), Research Handbook on International Energy Law, Edward Elgar Publishing Limited, USA, 2014.

♦ Rooppur Nuclear Power Plant: is Bangladesh ready for Nuclear Power? The journal of World Energy Law and Business, Oxford University Press, 2015

♦ The Nuclear conundrum for developing countries. Are they ready yet? Journal of Energy and Natural Resources Law, International Bar Association, 2015.

♦ The Regime of Cross-Border Pipelines and the Issue of Transit: the Way Forward? International Energy Law Review, Sweet & Maxwell, 2015.

♦ Cross-border Pipelines and its Legal Aspects, OGEL, September, 2018

♦ Books:

♦ The Energy Security of Bangladesh. Is Gas Export an Option for the Country? VDM publishers, 2009, ISBN-10: 3639194624.

♦ Cross-border Pipeline Arrangements: What would a single regulatory framework look like? :Kluwer Law International , December 2011, ISBN- 9789041148446

♦ The Rule of Law in Developing Countries: The Case of Bangladesh, Routledge, March, 2018.

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