UAP Law Photography Club is one of the most active club in the Department of Law and Human Rights, UAP. During this online semester, there are lots of new members are jointed into this club. UAP Law Photography Club was established on 24 October 2019. Photography is one of the finest hobby by which one can exhibits own creativity. This club helps students to show their talent and ingenuity.
CANVAS 35MM: AN INTRA UNIVERSITY PHOTOGRAPHY EXHIBITION- 2022 will be organized by the UAP Law Photography Club (UAPLPC).The field is accessible to all students and staffs at the UAP. Any kind of photograph will be accepted for inclusion in the show.

• Photo should be renamed as Photographer’s Name. Example: Md. Rakibul Islam.
• In case of more than 1 submission, photos should be renamed as Md. Rakibul Islam 1, Md Rakibul Islam 2.
• Photo submission must only be made through E-mail. (uaplpc@gmail.com)
• Every Submission must contain the following information:
   a. A suitable caption (not more than 20 words)
   b. Full name of Photographer.
   c. Department name, Registration No, Phone Number, and Email address of Photographer.
• Manipulated, over-post processed, or copyright-marked pictures are not allowed. 4. Photo should be in jpeg and jpg format.
• File size should not exceed 15 Mb.
• There is no registration fee. So participants do not need to pay any money for the whole event.
• Top 20 Photographers will get certificates. 8. Each can submit maximum two (2) photographs. But only the best one will be counted.
• Only Students, Faculties, and Staff of the University of Asia Pacific can submit their Photographs UAPLPC holds the right to make any change to the rules and regulations.

Judge: Bangladeshi renowned photographer, instructor, and reporter who is well-known for his work.
The deadline for submission of Photo is 16th October, 2022. The date of Exhibition is 20th October, 2022 at the UAP PLAZA. The awarding of prizes will take on 25th October, 2022.
Prizes Include:

  1. Top 20 Photographers will get certificate.
  2. The three photographers will get a Crest and gift from the UAPLPC.
  3. A unique and unexpected prize will be given to the top two photographers.
    Do you have any questions?? Please do not hesitate to share your thoughts with us.
    In order to get information, please contact:
    Email: uaplpc@gmail.com or
    Call us: 01777088037 and 0168301655