Workshop on Happy Student Life


The Mental Peace Team, a wing of the “Social Welfare Club” organized a Workshop on 18 October 2022 titled “Happy Student Life

The Guest and the facilitator who conducted this workshop was Consultant Psychologist of Life Spring Md. Shafikuzzaman  Sajib. He is a versatile Consultant Psychologist, experienced in dealing with Several types of anxiety disorders, panic disorder, issues related to low self esteem, obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), stress problems and Couple & Family issues with an impressive success rate.

The host formally started the workshop and gave introduction of the club and the activities of the three wings of social welfare club and then requested the Guest to conduct the workshop.After that,the Guest thanked for the invitation of such a programme. He thanked Ms. Azizun Nahar (Club Convener) the Convener of the club for holding this club with such a generous goal.

Then, the guest elaborately explained how to be happy in  student life and all the aspects related to this. There was question answering session where students cleared different types of queries.So, this workshop helped the students to be motivated and get inspiration.

Finally, the host introduced the Convener Ms. Azizun Nahar and requested a vote of thanks. Ms. Azizun Nahar thanked the guest and all the committee members who participated actively in the program. And by her speech the workshop came to an end.