Visual Storyteller of the Week



UAP Law Photography Club organized “Visual Storyteller of the Week” in the UAP Law Photography Club Facebook group every week. As a new committee of UAPLPC, this was the first event UAP Law Photography Club hosted.

Photography Department of UAP Law Photography Club monitors this permanent event named ”The Visual Storyteller of the Week”.  Secretary of Photography Department, Farhan Tajwar Shafin, and Deputy Secretary Md Emran Khan Shuvo and Photography and Development Secretary of Photography Department, Jannatul Nayma Ashe.

The selection committee member is Shahriar Islam Shovon(President, UAPLPC), Mohsin Hasan Abir (General Secretary), Director of Cinematography Department Shanto Patwary, Public Relations Secretary (External Affairs) Ibnul Hasan and Photography Department. They selected five photographs for the event. After selection, the Photography Department of UAP Law Photography Club sent the Five best photos to the Cinematography Department and Public Relations Secretary (External Affairs) to make video presentations and posters. Friday, July 9, 2021, Md. Harisur Rahman, the Secretary of Press and Publicity, announced “Visual Storyteller of the Week” and posted it on our official Facebook page, group, and other related university groups. And UAP Law Photography Club (UAPLPC) published the video of Visual Storyteller of this week the video in our official YouTube channel.

Here is the link: