Photo Exhibition-2021

The Inter Semester Photography Exhibition-2021 will be organized by the UAP Law Photography Club (UAPLPC).The field is accessible to all students at the UAP Law.  Any kind of photograph will be accepted for inclusion in the show.

1. No more than one photograph shall be submitted by a single individual.
2. Email the picture to
3. Do not include the name of any kind of watermark on the photograph. 4.
4. When you just email it to us, please include your name and registration ID in the message.
5. The deadline is August 5, 2021.

Judge: Bangladeshi renowned photographer, instructor, and reporter who is well-known for his work.

The deadline for submission of selection process information is August 6, 2021.
The awarding of prizes will take place on August 7, 2021.

Prizes include:1. An e-certificate will be given to each and every participant.
2. The best three photographers will get a Crest from the UAPLPC.
3. A unique and unexpected prize will be given to the top two photographers.

Do you have any questions?? Please do not hesitate to share your thoughts with us.
In order to get information, please contact:

In charge of this event, 
Ahnaf Ezaz (Program Coordinator, UAPLPC) 
1. Farhan Tajwar Shafin (Secretary, Photography Department, UAPLPC) 
2. Md. Emran Khan Shuvo (Deputy Secretary,  Photography Department, UAPLPC) 
3. Jannatul Nayma Ashfe (Photography Development Secretary, UAPLPC) 

Contact Number: 01755170846 (Tajwar) 

Shahriar Islam Shovon 
UAP Law Photography Club 
University of Asia Pacific