It is hereby notified to all the students of Law and Human Rights, UAP that Legal Quiz Competition, Spring-2021 will be held on 27 October, 2021. The schedules are given below:

SemesterTimeGMeet LinkFacilitator
1st Year 1st Semester4:00 pm- 4:18 Md. Aaraf
1st Year 2nd Semester4:00 pm- 4:18 Saleh Akram
2nd Year 1st Semester4:00 pm- 4:18  Alida Binte Saqi
2nd Year 2nd Semester4:30 pm- 4:18 Saleh Akram  
3rd Year 1st Semester4:30 pm- 4:48  Faran Md. Aaraf
3rd Year 2nd Semester4:30 pm- 4:48 Binte Saqi
4th Year 1st Semester5:00 pm- 5:18 Saleh Akram  

N.B.: Students’ participation in the quiz competition has been made mandatory. If anyone is absent, Departmental action will be taken. Examinee must join the online platform 15 minutes before the starting time.

Md. Saleh Akram

Assistant Professor

Department of Law and Human Rights

University of Asia Pacific