Social Welfare Club Activities

Activities of the Department of Law and Human Rights during Covid-19

Social Welfare Club During Covid-19

The Social Welfare Club of the Department of Law and Human Rights of University of Asia Pacific plays significant role in establishing humanity in any type of natural calamities or social issues. During the pandemic situation of Covid-19, Social Awareness Team of the club made video clips on government health rules of Covid-19 and tips on boosting immunity power on 28th May, 2020.

As the students of UAP were passing their days at home following government instruction, the Mental Peace Team of the club arranged six live Webinar sessions to boost up their mental health where most prominent psychiatrist, psychologist and nutritionist managed their time to attend those sessions and enlighten the audience with their wisdom and knowledge and solve many issues of our student regarding depression, anger, stress management, anxiety, health tips etc.


In the first session Mrs. Azmeri Rahman Sinthia, Nutritionist, Community Diabetes Educator talked on “Role of Boosting Immunity System to Prevent Covid-19”. Md. Rakibul Hasan Mahin, Counselling Psychologist, Bangladesh University of Professionals focused on “Depression during Pandemic and Possible Way Out” in the second session.


In the third session, Dr. Md. Sayedul Ashraf, Lead Psychologist, Spring Life Institute, deliberated his valuable words for the audience to keep good relation with people surrounding them and the topic was “Stress and Depression Free Life during Pandemic”. In the fourth live session Mrs. Amrita Agarwal, Founder and Director of The Amazing You talked on “Pursuing Happy Life during Pandemic”. She Specially focused on the life style of our young student during Pandemic

Dr Murshida Ferdous B. Habib, Professor, Department of Psychology, University of Rajshahi was the chief guest of  fifth live session. She talked on “Mental Stress for Work Load and Management”. She specially gave importance on management of mental stress of student during online class and examination. In the sixth Session Mrs. Farzana Akhtar,Faculty memberof the Department of Psychology, University of Dhaka talked on “Stress and Anger Management during Covid-19”.


Apart from that, to stay involved in different creative activities, students of the club motivated other students in making individual video clips on different mental health issues and other skills, drama for awareness etc. Moreover, students uploaded a good number of write up on mental peace issues to make their leisure time more productive during pandemic and advocate other students.


Covid-19 Response Team of the club distributed 300 Masks, 200 Soap and other essentials among the pandemic affected people on 18th August, 2020 in Dhaka successfully.


Warm Clothes Distribution

Tetulia ,Panchagarh (25.12.2019)

A heart-warming initiative was taken by the Social Welfare Club, Law & HR, UAP on 25 December 2019 by the instructions of the Honorable Convener Azizun Nahar, Assistant Professor of The Department of Law & Human Rights, where self-motivated Teachers and students extended their hands full of Love to the people of Winter affected area “Tetulia, Panchagarh” and successfully be able to reach the WINTER GIFTS to the indigent people.