Online Ludu Tournament, Spring 2021


Online Ludu tournament organized by UAP L&HR Sports Club

Virtual platforms are the last hope when the whole country is under house arrest due to the Corona epidemic. Online activities are going on in private universities.  The University of Asia Pacific is no exception.  Club activities are going on along with class activities.

The online ludo tournament was organized by UAP Law Sports Club for two days on 6th August and 8th August 2021.  More than two hundred students participated there. Two types of ludo games are organized in the tournament.  First single ludo, second double ludo. The student participates in the tournament through online registration. Single Ludo Competition was held on 7th August 2021 and Double Ludo Competition was held on 8th August 2021.  The rules of the game were explained to the participants through meetings through Messenger Group, Google Meet and video sharing.The all committee members of UAP Law Sports Club have come with their full support.  Club Convener Mohammad Sazzad Hossain & Assistant Convener Farzana Akhter, President Anayet Kabir Bijoy, General Secretary Nasir Uddin and Organizing Secretary Badhan Mollah basically planned the entire tournament and divided the work of the remaining members of the committee and observed their work. 

Joint General Secretary Shanto Patwari & Fahim Shahriar, Assistant Organizing Secretary Abdullah Al Mahmud Irrizar & Fahima Hasan Trisha, Media and Publicity Secretary Roshmit Kundu,  Assistant Media and Publicity Secretary Nadeem Mahmud Ashiq, Mariya Kiftia & Sadman Haque, Assistant Public Relations Secretary Suriya Akter Pinky, Ananya Mahbub Sanchita & Muhammad Afsarul Islam, Assistant Women Affairs Secretary Maisha Akhter Fatema, Assistant Office Secretary Abdullah Al Kawsar & Tanvir Apu, Executive Members Salim Sadman, Mujtahed Alam, Ibnul Hasan, Farhan Sadiq Sajid, Abdur Rahman Sayem, Md.Tajbir, and Nasid Bin Mokshed  worked hardly. And the tournament became successful because of their hard work.

Fauzia Fariha (30th batch) became champions of the single Ludo competition, Erin Ahmed (29th batch) who earned the 2nd place and Natik Mahmud (32nd batch) who earned the 3rd place.

In Double Ludo competition Team Saifur Rahman, Sams Mahmud (25th batch) earned the first place, Team Asmita Hossain, Afifa Purba (26th Batch) and Team Mohsin Abir, Jamil Uddin (27th Batch) earned the 2nd and 3rd place.